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When polled, 86% of marketers had purchased something online in the previous 4 weeks... but only 4% had SOLD something online in that time. When asked what was holding them back they confessed that...

they didn't have a product to sell.

With Your Agency store Every Service You Offer is a Product you can sell in your Online Store!

All Your Sales Options At Your Fingertips

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Store Boss Coupon Creator

This option will allow for those who need a little incentive to purchase to get off the fence and order. You can create an unlimited number of coupons to use with your store. This is a great way to test different offers or even do something exclusive for certain customers for any promotion you might have now or in the future.

Create Gift Cards and Boost Sales

We’ve also added the ability to create a gift card with the store. This is an instant revenue generator and can help small businesses to start getting access to profits quickly. By having gift cards, you’ll be able to keep revenue in-house while growing your business at the same time.

Multiple Payment Gateways Included

You can also easily integrate some of the popular payment gateways with Store Boss as well. Stripe, and Paypal are all included. Just add your credentials from your/your client’s account (I’ll show you how) and you’ll be ready to start taking orders in no time.

Connect Your Own Mailer SMTP Service

You’ll also be able to use any mailing system that you want to keep your store running smoothly. Integrate your favorite SMTP, Amazon SES, or Sendgrid. Just select your option, add your details, and you’re all set.

Email Templates For Every Step of The Sales Process

If you don’t know exactly what to write in your emails for subscribers and customers, don’t worry. Store Boss comes with 15 different email templates that you can use for any step of the sales process. Plus, you can also add your own personal note to each email template to help you stay organized. All email templates include tokens such as license email, first name, last name, and date and time to help give your emails a personal feel.

On-Page SEO For A Boost In The Search Engine

You’ll also have the ability to use this option to help your pages show up correctly in the search engine the exact way you want them to. Add your site name, site keyword, and site description to give your stores a little extra SEO juice in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Google Analytics Tracking

There’s also the ability for you to quickly add your Google Analytics tracking ID and code. This way, you can see what’s working and what’s not with all the data that Store Boss will feed back to your Google Analytics account. Use this data to help you make smart decisions moving forward to help grow your store.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

Adding your Facebook Pixel to Store Boss is easy. Just copy and paste your code, hit Save, and that’s it! Now, you’ll develop a perfectly seasoned pixel that will help your campaigns become more profitable with less ad spend. This way you can put more money into growing your ecom store and brand at scale.

Social Media Setup For Brand Expansion

We all know how important social media is. But when it comes to brands, you always want to have a following you can tap into for more sales and profits. Store Boss lets you integrate with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram so you can expand your reach socially without all the technical fuss.

Customer Information Dashboard

If you ever want to find a particular customer and see their details, this option is for you. All of your customer’s information is stored securely in Store Boss so you can find their name, email, and phone number by just doing a simple search. You can edit information as well as toggle customers from active to inactive. So if a customer doesn’t want to receive any future emails, you’ll have total control down to a single person on your list.

Export Customers and Subscribers In One Click

Hey, they’re your customers and subscribers so why shouldn’t you get access to them when you need them? That’s why I’ve put the option of exporting your list inside of Store Boss. This way you can easily import them to any other application of your choosing, with proof they have registered at your store. Great for using with other email service providers or even using as a targeted list to run promotions to through advertising.

Add Sub Users To Give Your Clients Access Without Admin Privileges

Because you’ll have the opportunity to sell Store Boss to small business owners, I’ve also included the option for you to create individual access for every deal you close.
This way, Store Boss can be your own solution, and you won’t have to worry about any small business owner messing around in areas where they don’t belong.
This option gives them their own dashboard to work from with all the features, but keeps them separate from all your other clients.

Complete Training To Get You Up and Running Fast!

To make sure you come out the gateready to profit, I’ve put together a list of training pdfs for each and every section of Store Boss. Just follow along and you’ll be up and running in no time. Plus, if you ever get stuck, my team and I are here to help asap.

Your Agency Store

Your Agency Store


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